FOF Records

FOF Inc. is a recognized music producer and publisher producing many forms of music with something for everyone! Buy our music at iTunes

Fortress Of Freedom Film And Television

FOF Inc. is a recognized television production company by the CRTC and Media companies like Bell Media, Corus Entertainment, Rogers Communications, Shaw Communications, and major networks like Global Television and CTV!

The Fortress Newspaper

FOF Inc. publishes a newspaper called: The Fortress. This newspaper gives the ordinary individual a voice to speak their mind on issues important to them!

Fortress Of Freedom Books

FOF Inc. is a recognized book publisher through the Canadian Government with books in many libraries including The National Library Of Canada!

FOFSTOCK Concert/Music Festival

FOFSTOCK is a one day concert/music festival showcasing FOF RECORDS artists and local talent!

FOF Forums

FOF Forums are the place to catch up on all happening at Fortress Of Freedom!

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